The [Adult Swim] Festival

If your looking for a carnival of things to do while high <not condoned by who ever owns Adult Swim and their affiliates until the feds are ded on this witch hunt we call marijuana justice> then the [Adult Swim] festival is a good tune for you. They got everything you would expect. 🌭 Ride; […]

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Master Kush @HighlyLegalBuds

I’m finally back to work. I have the moments where I can look back and say “Whow that was a chapter of my life. It is over.” And yet I keep pressing continue while I put in another quarter. What I am spending my quarter on is a 1/2 oz of Master Kush from Highly […]

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TWRP X Ninja Sex Party

Welp it’s my third Tupperware Remix Party and my third time seeing Ninja Sex Party this time at SOMA. And I can’t tell you how much I am glad I’m turning thirty in this crowd. It was awesome seeing young and old peeps. TWRP is a Canadian band from the 80’s from the far future […]

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Purple Candy @HighlyLegalBuds

As I play Forbidden Island with my friends I am enjoying the high that I have from Purple Candy from Highly Legal. The game is bleak because we drew two flooded cards in a row for the first two turns, which is horrible. This game is about a flooding island that you are desperately trying […]

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Outliers Collective Review

In Short: Go to Outliers Collective at 8157 Winge Avenue, El Cajon, CA 92020. Run to them like Lassie ditched that kid at the well. They are my favorite dispensary. In Long: In my journey to find [teh] best weed I traveled around. I have been to trap houses, friends houses, On Seasamy Street, dispensaries, […]

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God of War Review

As a non masculine male I can easily say that I get the feels when I see a masculine anything be fatherly or frustrated with themselves for allowing the self to ultimately open or close their reflection of forgiveness. I love stories. Other then that the audio of the game is top fucking notch. I […]

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Flow Kana Birthday Cake Review

Flow Kana can be quoted as “the first sustainable, sun-grown cannabis brand to represent two of California’s most special micro-climates and their small farmer ecosystems.” What that means to me is that they have a farmer system to provide high quality specialty grown bud. I sometimes go to a dispensary that grows their own stuff, […]

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Coast Leaflettes Cannabis Roll

So these marijuana cigarettes are pretty dope. They don’t really say what’s in em so that’s why I am reviewing them. @coastleaflettes was recommended by @emilyurbnleaf cause she does promo stuff for @urbnleafca. The light blue case is pretty dope. It has two flaps explaining the purpose of the leaflets to be a chill experience in your day. […]

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