The [Adult Swim] Festival

If your looking for a carnival of things to do while high <not condoned by who ever owns Adult Swim and their affiliates until the feds are ded on this witch hunt we call marijuana justice> then the [Adult Swim] festival is a good tune for you. They got everything you would expect. 🌭 Ride; Dream Corp Experience; Meatwad dome with 4D chairs; Good food and Drank; and of course Mega Fruit Trees so you got something to plug yo ass with genius.

Get your ass in here! The Festival is from September 5th till the 7th and features names like T-Pain, Mastodon, and a special Rick and Morty Music Experience. I got shit to do so I only had the Friday open up. Wish I could of stayed, but I had a great time. It all started with being first in line cause I drove early and chilled early. And I won’t lie being first in line payed off big time 💰 💰 💰 cause they only 100 of these exclusive RNM bomber jackets. I even won a couple for 50% off!!!!

First up for rides was Dream Corp. Experience. If you have ever had a fever dream that was like a rollercoaster of sign spinning acid tripping virtual reality when you would be welcomed by Mechs of trash that lifted you up in the sky as you puked the last bit of sanity you had then you would love this ride. The ride was great. Being inside these trash sound pods were perfect for the experience. You had virtual reality goggles and headphones on which brought you through a dream world ride. Cream of the crop here. In one moment your in a giant worm arena and soon your flying though a DNA tube of light.

The next ride was titled; 6 Minuets You Will Never Get Back; other known as The Meatwad Full Dome Experience. you sat in 6 large 4D recliners that spew liquid, Air, and Bumps on your butt. It was awesome to look at the stars and suddenly be pulled into the underwater metropolis that is acid.

Do you like Golf? Do you like a single hole of golf with Rick and Morty as the theme complete with waterfall? I knew you would.

Got lucky and saw the premier of the new Venture Brothers Episode.

Open Mike Eagle killed it and opened the night.IMG_0235.jpegIMG_0184.jpegIMG_0190.jpeg

Metro Boomin got all the kids to dance.


And we closed it with T-Pain


See? Cartoons don’t rot your brain. Ranch does. [Do NOT legalize Ranch]

And here is some Video

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