Purple Candy @HighlyLegalBuds

As I play Forbidden Island with my friends I am enjoying the high that I have from Purple Candy from Highly Legal. The game is bleak because we drew two flooded cards in a row for the first two turns, which is horrible. This game is about a flooding island that you are desperately trying to save with sandbags while collecting treasure before the whole place becomes Atlantis 2; This Time It’s Personal [In Theaters 2020].


Now the first thing I need to tell you is that this shit is F.R.E.S.H. Normally when I get bud it goes stiff quick. Stiffness is bad for your shoulders and your flower, but you know that. What you may not know is that this bud was so fresh that it not only smelled fresh it felt nice and soft in the hand. Tearing it is like touching cake fluff (That’s right, it’s a soft as a plushy in the shape of a cake and it feels like candy and sunshine in your hand) and grinding it was like shaving the dankest stuff you ever touched. Fuck this was soft.

And that made it a wonderful smoke. Don’t mind the dragon.


Before we get into the smoke though I wanna talk about the company. Veteran own means to me that the owner comes from a rare breed of humanity; some of the brave and the bold. As a local business in Oceanside, CA you know that your support counts too. So how cool are those facts? Here is a fact; their jar work is awesome. A lot of the time I shop around for bud I really want it to be environmentally conscious because let’s face it; stoners are a breed of hippy. And if we pour into the plastic game then consumers of pot are not being considerate of the future. I understand that some farms want to present an experience, but the good ones make the experience recyclable. What’s dope about Highly Legal is that they use jars. And you can turn the jars back into them. After 5 they have promotion you are gonna wanna ask about. Again, don’t mind the dragon.



This was my dosage [they are not a recreational seller] and it knocked out my symptoms. I was able to operate again with ease. The high that they explained on WeedMaps was ‘The potency of this strain gives the consumer a one-two punch to the head and body, initially landing between the eyes and settling down into the limbs’ Now here is the interesting part. I ordered Purple Punch, but on the jar it says Purple Candy. Regardless of the name the description of the high is spot on. Normally for me, I don’t experience the same feelings every one gets while high, every time, depending on how bad my current symptoms are. But I was pleasantly surprised to feel exactly what they wrote and it’s wonderful. And on top of that I can’t tell you how nice the donations requirements are! While I was in the lock down unit I was watching a telethon where you get a CD of doo-wop performances for a $40 donation. Oy! I watched it with another patient and we sang along to all of the songs. Medical bills can get to be expensive quick so I am thankful for their deals. Just look at some of the wonderful nugs from my 1/2 ounce. Please, disregard the dragon.


If you want fresh bud you want Highly Legal. Their service and contribution to society is relief all on its own. Making them a staple in your weed consumption is a fresh and smart decision. Do you dare face the dragon of symptoms alone? I dare not. Get Lit Fam.



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