Master Kush @HighlyLegalBuds

I’m finally back to work. I have the moments where I can look back and say “Whow that was a chapter of my life. It is over.” And yet I keep pressing continue while I put in another quarter. What I am spending my quarter on is a 1/2 oz of Master Kush from Highly Legal Buds. The flower is light and soft.

Frankly out of all the Kushes this one is in my face. And the weight of my head relaxes me into the pillow. Lazy Sunday on a Monday because you had jury duty? You bet. Every bowl I make with it looks like a miniature forrest. And yet I don’t feel bad for burning my little bowl Forrest to hell so I can suck its life essence. That’s right! Getting high is drinking druids blood! I’m so relaxed right now.

I like how strong the high is. I don’t have to really pack in bowl after bowl to be properly flat out stoned on this. If I just do a pinch of this stuff and smoke till it’s as white as a ghost then this brings me back from the dead.


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