TWRP X Ninja Sex Party

Welp it’s my third Tupperware Remix Party and my third time seeing Ninja Sex Party this time at SOMA. And I can’t tell you how much I am glad I’m turning thirty in this crowd. It was awesome seeing young and old peeps.

TWRP is a Canadian band from the 80’s from the far future from space. They open the show with enthusiasm and third song in we already have audience participation. The crowd cheers on and off as the lead keyboardist goes from tossing nunchucks to gyrating his hips seductively so he can turn on your sexual desires. The slow funky beats makes the kids standing in front of me swoon on each other a little harder. The sexual tension they have for each other is palatable. Proud of them 😏 teens are funny. “These are sexier times” – Edgar Allen Poe.

And then there was a bit of nerd friction and people moved away from each other in the crowd and then a song featuring a “Corporate employee” whom sang a song about the perfect product for you. Good song. Capitalism is funny.

I remember the first time seeing TWRP. All the songs they played were for all the ladies. All of them. This time around they said all the song are for all the ladies, the men, and everyone in between. They even mentioned having positive body images no matter who you are. And they sang a song about friendship! Much better then anything Barney could make.

Laying down some more funkadelic beats about planet earth. And then another guitar solo.

They performed 69 songs in their set. It was good. TWRP is good for you. See them again in San Diego July 9th.

And then everyone cheered for NSP as the cartoon dinosaur said they “will fuck shit up.” TWRP comes back out to perform with NSP.

The amount of phones that go up into the air is noticeably increased. And now everyone is singing along to the first song. The kids who were getting closer and closer to third base turn into dancing extras just like the rest of the crowd. The audience knows the song well. Graphics in the background aflame. NSP play an old time favorite about the lead singer having all of his dates have people dying in them.

Danny, the vocal lead mentions good weed in the crowd. Then this happened.

Their cover of “You Spin Me Around”; flawless. And then we listened to the silent partner for a moment of silence from Ninja Brian.

New album on August 17th. Then NSP takes over the stage. They play Dinosaur Laser Fight. It was magical.

And so the night continues with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” A fair blend of covers and originals which really show the bands range. And now my favorite part of the show starts; The No Pants Dance starts. This was a collab between the two bands.

The kids started really moving to this one. And by kids I mean the whole crowd because we’re all children on the inside! Right? Wait, you mean your psychotic and the child in you is actually a symptom of psychosis that causes you major mood swings and is a never ending nightmare of psychological pain? Wow, me too! Either way good jam for this one!

And then we all said “Fuck you Lasersaurus.”

The crowd is electrified as Danny sings to himself for us from his perspective to him self. “Danny Don’t You Know” released today so they said to record and enjoy the song! I’m sure you can YouTube it. The crowd loves ’em (who fucking wouldn’t after this show!) and screams “NSP! NSP! NSP!” For an encore. Thanks Soma for the show too! Final message of the show is “Love and forgive everyone, especially yourself.” Last song folks; The Hit. My favorite song by both bands. Hurray.

So what more do you want!? Go see their show!!! It’s a great fucking show!

Get Lit Fam.

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