Review StIIIzy 1:1 Mango Half Gram

Flavors in weed is a thing. You smoke bud for the flavor of 🌏 on your tongue. You enjoy the intake of what could very well be the breath of medicine. And yet we have concentrates that were once stale, mechanical, and just gross tasting. I have had some western branded disposable vape that literally made me wanna blow chunks. The chemical taste was a problem. But you know what is never a problem? A fucking StIIIzy cartridge will never be problematic; OR EVEN RACIST! IT CAN’T TALK!

That’s right if your a social justice warrior who tokes up and you have a full black on black uniform then the StIIIzy pen is what you want. The battery comes in more then just black, there were other colors like red and blue for your battery. It’s sleek designs just screams “Draw and breath” instead of buttons to turn it on or blue tooth capabilities like the PAX. Yes; if you want something easy and good then you want; StIIIzy.

Now back in the front end of the emerging market from last year you would find issues with pens. We are at the pinnacle of cartridge now with lab testing becoming more of the norm and high quality concentrates with terpenes that were put back in with the THC so you get the power of flower! “But weed hero I don’t know why terpenes matter?” Then please allow me to explain.

The old chemical taste of the past in a cartridge is because there is practically only THC in your pod. THC of course is the shit that makes you high, but its’ best friend is CBD who kinda wing mans and makes sure THC doesn’t party too much in your system and break your mom’s favorite lamp. That’s right the relationship of THC, CBD, Terpenes, and the other chemicals in concentrate is a fucking college frat party in your parents place known as your body! Either way go along with the story.

So THC goes up to Terpenes and is like “Hey Babe! You and I go together to create that full flavor and diversity in someone’s high. Why don’t you go out with me?!” And Terpenes is all like “Oh I don’t know, my Dad said your kind of slutty.” Suddenly THC realizes that when they are alone in the 90% concentrate range they are practically just dabbing at that point and requires a more mature stoner to enjoy the high. But when CBD gets involved it puts THC at ease and THC combines with the CBD to help you be more awake during your high and relax your muscles. A 1;1 ratio, that I got, means your not going to be as high as a kite. Your mothers lamp is saved. Also THC gets to date the Terpenes because Terpenes realizes that being slutty is actually just accepting your body for feeling pleasure and that there is nothing wrong with that cause your sex ed teacher is more open minded then most. No body shaming here.

Either way the reason why StiIIIzy kicks ass is because they knew all this on a scientific level. They not only made a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, but they also put the terpenes in the THC so your light, fluffy, awake high will be more relaxing then a head trip. 💅🏼💕💸💸💸💸💸 Here are some emojies expressing my feelings. A Haiku;

I paint my nails pink.

I feel the nature in me.

I bought a Stiizy.

I have had concentrates that honestly were just trying to make portable dabs. Which don’t get me wrong; those are nice, powerful, strong, clear, highs, but it turns my walking and operating like riding a bike. I don’t enjoy feeling like I’m always trying to balance everywhere. I mean this shit gets you stupid high. StIIIzy can get you stupid high if you want, but this review is about the relationship between their THC and CBD product. We want to relax. And now we can with the flavor of MANGOS!!!! ULTIMATE POWER!!!! *WeedHero is slowly lifted by Luke Skywalker and is thrown down a chute. He falls with lighting emanating from his hands. He hits the bottom with a thud. Turns to camera and says;*

Ok let’s go over this really quick. StIIIzy is a market staple as a vape because it can do it all at a reasonable price. The battery is $20.00 and the cartridge is on average $30.00. The 1;1 ratio one I got was $35, but that’s to be expected for having a not as highly produced cartridge compared to the Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid flavors. Of course this is all for around San Diego. Prices of course vary for your local market. This thing is highly portable, easy to charge, has a easy light at the bottom to know your drawing, and finally a large selection of flavors and bud.

So if you want a high quality vape I suggest you party on with a StIIIzy.

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