Outliers Collective Review

In Short: Go to Outliers Collective at 8157 Winge Avenue, El Cajon, CA 92020. Run to them like Lassie ditched that kid at the well. They are my favorite dispensary.

In Long: In my journey to find [teh] best weed I traveled around. I have been to trap houses, friends houses, On Seasamy Street, dispensaries, delivery pick ups, and festivals to discuss the quality and love of weed. Everyone everywhere has an opinion and I listened to all of them. I have learned this in summary:

High quality weed = A higher quality in your high

So then I figured out how to always make sure you find the highest quality weed. It came down to this: Where is this shit grown? With a farmer 👩‍🌾

You will always find high quality weed with the person who grew it. Because if it’s not grown the best at least it’s fresh and that’s dank.

But your troubles end here because I found a place for you that not only is a top notch dispensary, but is also a farm. I present to you [Jurrasic Park music playing]


These wonderful curators of magical spells already have been recognized for having high quality products and of course is licensed with the state. They are legit legit.

So what’s makes them special? First please take a look at specimen number 1. Their bud:

2. They get ‘it.’ No matter who/what/where/when/why you are they will be professional and chill. I absolutely love the teamwork that they share. At many places employees have different opinions and views about weed. I can’t tell you how many times I saw in fighting/flirting. Like no joke some of these people at these places were so blazed that they needed to fight or flirt with their co workers cause they didn’t wanna be with you as the customer. If you like diversity in your opinions and facts I trust Outlier Collective because if they don’t know what your referring to then they wont bullshit you and they will 💯 % wanna know more of what your putting down. And if you know NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, or ZILCH then they got your back 💯 💯 💯 fold. Great bunch.


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