God of War Review

As a non masculine male I can easily say that I get the feels when I see a masculine anything be fatherly or frustrated with themselves for allowing the self to ultimately open or close their reflection of forgiveness. I love stories.

Other then that the audio of the game is top fucking notch. I really enjoy the sound of the arrows wizzing by your head as the younger character almost shoots his dad. The combat of the game is really smooth. The combat system is cinematic in the classic God of War sense with cool actions. The game progression seems just perfect.

And by the way I am not playing this game. I am watching it. MyKingBadGuy is playing it and after going from the hardest mode to the medium difficulty I can say this game has hours of gameplay. MyKingBadGuy has played a shit ton of Dark Souls and I have seen many ‘You Have Died’ screens with and without him. So when he said “Let’s play this one together on normal,” The depth of how difficult this game became clearer to me. This shit can be hard. And I have seen nothing when it comes to the horrors of how difficult this game can be.

The story is immaculate. Some non verbal communication goes a long way and the Santa Monica Studio of Sony Interactive Entertainment fucking went far with all forms of communication in this game. MyKingBadGuy and I were talking stoked about the absence of tutorial reminders in our mode.

After a few hours of the game I am just blown away by the humanity in ‘the boy.’ Cratos is learning to be a dad. I give the beginning of this game a 10/10 and I am just sure the rest is awesome like every one else is saying. GG.

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