Flow Kana Birthday Cake Review

Flow Kana can be quoted as “the first sustainable, sun-grown cannabis brand to represent two of California’s most special micro-climates and their small farmer ecosystems.” What that means to me is that they have a farmer system to provide high quality specialty grown bud. I sometimes go to a dispensary that grows their own stuff, but can be shut down by the Feds; confusing. I feel as though bud like this couldn’t exist anywhere but in a jar and then brought to your door or picked up; quality like this is legendary to my suburb. I am used to doing grocery store like tactics to get a deal, but here is the fine wine section.

Packaging: HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS STUFF IS NICE! Gold on black jar? Always classy. The experience of a jar is all right here. When looking at the jar you can definitely feel that weight of your purchase. Nice good gentle green is protected inside and will last for a long time in the dark because of the dark glass jar; so just keep it in a cool spot and your bud wont go bad. For best preservation I suggest a Boveda pack in the jar your bud came in. [If you got plastic anything holding your weed I was told that ‘kills the weed faster’. Dunno if true yet.] As soon as I opened the jar you could smell the garden that this bud came from. The entire room smelled like fresh bud even an hour after we left. I love fresh bud cold off of the curing presses, but this bud was frozen in time by staying in this Vita chamber of a sweet dank jar. As soon as the sun light hit the chloroplasts of the leaf Beethoven’s 9th symposium of ‘Ode to Joy’ swelled in my ears.

The Bud: If you know what good weed is then you know how diverse and complicated a bud can be. It’s like a first date; You should always offer oral to your bud. So the bud of our dreams on this date is Birthday Cake. I have been enjoying Birthday Cake cartridges so I wanted flower of it. Previous Birthday Cake nugs I have had were not from a ‘crafted’ growth like Flow Kana. The Bud is dense. Styrofoam snapping is a textile that comes to mind when breaking apart this bud. You can hear the snap of the twig when you break off a piece. The leaf is nice and full which makes the jar packed to hold the 3.6g of bud.

I’m Naruto Bitch~IMG_2310

The Smoke: If you have had confetti flavored anything you know that it’s pretty much different sugars dancing on your tongue and it’s fun, light sometimes, and just sugary. That is the closest thing I can do to playfully describe the smoke. Clean as shit and burns pure white every time. I prefer to smoke this fine bud in a joint or pipe. My hits of this are sweeter then other bud and makes getting high really enjoyable. I don’t like the taste of smokers mouth after a sesh, (which sometimes is welcomed cause you just need to get that stoned) but when I exhale this shit, I feel like my experience with a product is just beginning; I’m excited because of the taste alone.

The High: [This high is themed with the song The Message – Grandmaster Flash] Getting high on this stuff is very very fucking easy. I have had this stuff in a pipe and got me to the same high in a bowl. I feel the comfortable weight of a helmet going over my ears and scalp. This helmet many would consider it to be the “safety” you feel when you know times are and will be tough, but you know you can relax, at least now; to be free from the problems of the ‘outside.’ Because I spent so many years sick with depression I recently have fallen in love with cake because things can taste delicious again. Having your cake and eating it too seems all too appropriate on how powerful this spell is. Chill takes many forms for many people and my chills are always a groovy walk through San Diego. I think about all of the different types of cakes I have had. The after taste of the smoke during this high satisfies my taste buds. Sleep is possible, but why stop the chill? What if this is a cup cake and I wont have it for much longer? Actually, for real; this fucking high is a huge cake. If anyone said “Ah yeah that was a small high” I would call bull shit on their ass because I am so stoned. Phew. Fuck. Good Job Kana. Can we call you Kana? Thnx ;3 So i’m walking down the streets with my mate Kana and our groove is a bakery of funky chill times.

The Swag: I got a bunch of free stuff from a promo event from Ryan who is a Brand Ambassador of Flow Kana. He was really professional and nice when we met at Urbn Leaf Golden Hill. Here is a pic of him being cool while I hide from Terminators.

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