Coast Leaflettes Cannabis Roll

So these marijuana cigarettes are pretty dope. They don’t really say what’s in em so that’s why I am reviewing them. @coastleaflettes was recommended by @emilyurbnleaf cause she does promo stuff for @urbnleafca.

The light blue case is pretty dope. It has two flaps explaining the purpose of the leaflets to be a chill experience in your day. Coast are scientists about their blend where their consistencies takes the cake. So if you want a high that will be themed you can choose from Chill, Excite, and Dream. I’m guessing the Chill is good for the day or night, Excite is great for day (possibly for fucking too?), and Dream is to get the fuck to bed! I got my pack for 35 so for 7 of these suckers it’s an awesome deal. Definitely something to try even if you don’t know much about the company cause the product speaks for itself when you simply hold it and read it.

So I have been traveling a lot going up and down the south of California and I have been wanting some joints to share and to use for myself, but joints were kinda boring after 5 in a row out of the 10 you got. So you either get to sharing or you get to smoking a shit ton to get high. So the joints weren’t really perfect for travel. I felt like I had to spend a lot of time to smoke em at a place because it took so long for me to smoke it with a crutch and shit.

So these leaflettes were perfect for what I wanted. I wanted a smooth chill smoke that I could do on any private property. Both of my grandparents smoked and if they were still around I would hand them one of these for their time wasting delights. I respect cigarette smokers, but I feel that tobacco is just too harsh on the body. So with these leaflettes it is an experience just like smoking, but instead of that heavy smoke on your lungs; a cool kush dream moves you to a higher plane. I even got annoyed with someone while on them and couldn’t keep the hate around for long. I was like “Who is this bitch?” to “I’m a bitch too, I should chill.” I shared a single with a buddy and I know that a whole one will put me in a nice stoned high. I technically had half and i’m baked. GG Coastal. I don’t know shit about the other flavors, but you should find out for me and post in the comments or hit me up on Instagram. Stay Lit Fam.

So I ended up having a quick night time smoke and had a ton of fun smoking this while taking the pictures. After smoking a whole one by myself I’m just blown away by the high I have. Strong, deep, dank, and chill. Bravo Coast.

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