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I’m on a X and I need a X.

Considerate Patrol; So I’m driving down south on the 5 and I look to my right at a discounted cop car. It was more white on the black and white cop car index and said in bright letters on the side “Considerate Patrol.” So let’s say you check into a nice hotel. Something really nice. […]

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The [Adult Swim] Festival

If your looking for a carnival of things to do while high <not condoned by who ever owns Adult Swim and their affiliates until the feds are ded on this witch hunt we call marijuana justice> then the [Adult Swim] festival is a good tune for you. They got everything you would expect. 🌭 Ride; […]

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When the World was Made

Originally when the world was just an island in the infinite sea of god’s tear drop there was life. The people stood with pride, power, curiosity, and communication. If there were mountains they were climbed. If there were lakes then people swam there. The physical plane was traversed. And yet, time stood still while they […]

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Master Kush @HighlyLegalBuds

I’m finally back to work. I have the moments where I can look back and say “Whow that was a chapter of my life. It is over.” And yet I keep pressing continue while I put in another quarter. What I am spending my quarter on is a 1/2 oz of Master Kush from Highly […]

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D & D Joke

D&D party w/ dwarf goes into a different dwarves strong hold. “Don’t worry since I’m a dwarf I will figure out this dwarf fortress easily from the shared culture we have!” The adventurers go in and go “wow your culture is so beautiful with this stonework.” Cuts to the dwarf in party and is in […]

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