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D & D Joke

D&D party w/ dwarf goes into a different dwarves strong hold. “Don’t worry since I’m a dwarf I will figure out this dwarf fortress easily from the shared culture we have!” The adventurers go in and go “wow your culture is so beautiful with this stonework.” Cuts to the dwarf in party and is in […]

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Comic Con is upon us.

I have been going to comic con since I was in a stroller. Over the years not only has pop culture grown to be what it is as a giant market for you to pour all of your hard working money into, but it’s become a platform for activism, [Like the publishing house Prism] a […]

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The basics from a basic grower.

As Jurassic Park; Lost World played in the background we interviewed a new grower who got his plants growing for his first time. How do you feel about seeing growth in your first plant? I’m getting positive feedback about the growth of the plant. I feel that once I show it off to my two […]

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Shim Sham the Shami

So I tried playing DnD again and boy are my arms tired. I hadn’t realized how much easier it is to play DnD vs WOD. I had become a very good WOD DM and I liked writing my stories for my players to make this whole other world discover-able through investigation, prying too much, and […]

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TWRP X Ninja Sex Party

Welp it’s my third Tupperware Remix Party and my third time seeing Ninja Sex Party this time at SOMA. And I can’t tell you how much I am glad I’m turning thirty in this crowd. It was awesome seeing young and old [Pun 🚨] cum together. 😏 TWRP is a Canadian band from the 80’s […]

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Purple Candy @HighlyLegalBuds

As I play Forbidden Island with my friends I am enjoying the high that I have from Purple Candy from Highly Legal. The game is bleak because we drew two flooded cards in a row for the first two turns, which is horrible. This game is about a flooding island that you are desperately trying […]

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