TWRP X Ninja Sex Party

Welp it’s my third Tupperware Remix Party and my third time seeing Ninja Sex Party this time at SOMA. And I can’t tell you how much I am glad I’m turning thirty in this crowd. It was awesome seeing young and old [Pun 🚨] cum together. 😏 TWRP is a Canadian band from the 80’s […]

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Purple Candy @HighlyLegalBuds

As I play Forbidden Island with my friends I am enjoying the high that I have from Purple Candy from Highly Legal. The game is bleak because we drew two flooded cards in a row for the first two turns, which is horrible. This game is about a flooding island that you are desperately trying […]

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The Transitioning Market

The California Weed Market is still transitioning from a black market to a public market. I don’t know how familiar you are with the word ‘transitioning’, but it always has a grand context to it where I am from. So there are licensed dispensaries that can tote their authenticity to the craft (A quality example […]

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Boxed Water Review

So your human, right? You are allowed to make mistakes, right? And sometimes you are thirsty, right? Thirsty, possibly, for adventure? Well then don’t look around here because this is not exciting new ground, it should feel more like you are at home when you experience boxed water. I have been drinking water since 1988. […]

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Outliers Collective Review

In Short: Go to Outliers Collective at 8157 Winge Avenue, El Cajon, CA 92020. Run to them like Lassie ditched that kid at the well. They are my favorite dispensary. In Long: In my journey to find [teh] best weed I traveled around. I have been to trap houses, friends houses, On Seasamy Street, dispensaries, […]

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God of War Review

As a non masculine male I can easily say that I get the feels when I see a masculine anything be fatherly or frustrated with themselves for allowing the self to ultimately open or close their reflection of forgiveness. I love stories. Other then that the audio of the game is top fucking notch. I […]

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