A Short Story

Part 1

For many years I fell in love with what I thought was another human being who could help improve me while in fact I was falling in love with just the concept of relief.

ok story time:

“Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away there was a little minority culture within a bigger culture.

This minority culture was called the Munks. The majority culture were Masters.

Now historically we know that the Munks came down from space and were illegal aliens, but the Masters took their time getting to know the Munks’ culture and so we know history as what it is today as the present.

Today I want to share with you the first decade where Munks came down from space and the Masters met them. And in this time together we start by telling the story of Gran, the first time we learned of the Munks religion.

Gran was a general who was in communication with the Munks before they landed. He and his fleet wanted to know if the Munks were peaceful. So General Gran’s first sentence was one of greeting and his second sentence were his wishes. And the Munks communicated back by granting the wishes existence. Gran’s wish was that they could have a dinner together and be able to speak English to each other. Instantly this happened once Gran uttered the words to the Munks. He was instantly transported away from his ship and was in his favorite childhood restaurant in the middle of an American Military base in Japan sitting across from the very beings he wished to talk to; the leader of the Munks. Gran gave the name of Asa to the leader because during the whole conversation the leader kept saying “AH Sa,” in an attempt at saying “Ah so,” in English. The alien could give Gran anything he wanted except some culture mannerisms. So when the topic of religion came up Gran asked Asa what is their religion like? And Asa simply replied with “Religion on my planet is very simple. We recognize it as an action that we do repetitively. We protect all forms of thought, but not all forms of action.” And Gran immediately realized that is what we do as well and so Gran left his title as a General and became Gran the Religious. And then Gran the Religious was called back to become a general to show his immense power.

But you already know that part because your such a good daughter.” said Queen Shain. Her daughter, princesses Rox, slowly pieced together what her mother just said.

“Why would you tell me this now? Why have you always told me about Gran and his journeys, but you never told me before about how he got his powers?” Rox questioned.

“Because I have seen the future, my daughter. In a decade a violent species will rain down upon our world. I believe you will be the leader that teaches us how to use the power that Gran wielded to become a god.” Shain decreed.

“But that can’t be right Mother. That would involve me learning of something that happened millions of years ago…” Rox holds her mother’s hand as she hopes her touch will remind her that the stories were just a sign of the dementia. “If these stories are real, mother, then doesn’t that mean your trying to tell me that I can destroy entire planets? I don’t think I could ever become as powerful as Gran, ha. Come on Mom, let’s step away from the portal and instead of visiting your favorite planet to relax, we focus on resting at home.” Rox immediately felt resistance as she tried stepping away with the queens hand.

“I’m sorry for tricking you” was whimpered as Shain, the Queen of Hassen, threw her only daughter into the portal. The Queens actions were as swift and powerful as her decision.

Rox, grasping for anything through time and space, plummeted. She gridded her teeth because she knew her chances of stopping her decent before she reached the end were slim. And suddenly she hit the bottom.

As she got up from the ground, reaching her head for any wounds, a Munk appeared at the outside of the crater. Without hesitance the Munk yelled “Outside invading species!!!” as he shoots a laser at Rox. She turns around surprised and catches the laser and proceeds to bend it until it breaks into two pieces, drops them on the ground and she walks to the Munk. The pieces of lazer cool and turn into two pieces of metal.

The Munk falls backwards at what he just saw in fear. As Rox approaches her opponent, now cowering, she calms down and asks “What are you and what planet is this?”
Now with mustered up courage the Munk yells “I am a Munk and you are invading our allies planet called Earth! We will destroy you without mercy once, AAAAHHHH!” was the last thing the Munk said as Rox crushed his skull under her boot.

“I always thought you looked different in my head when I learned about you as a kid. I guess my mothers stories were true.” Rox commented to the dead Munk skull. As Rox looked up from the skull she saw a city with similar technology as her own home from the far future. A barren wasteland surrounded by stampeding Munks were coming toward her.

And so Rox started her journey to learn of Gran, Munks, Masters, and the history of Earth.

After a few more Munks were swiftly executed.

Part 2

“No, you don’t understand,” Gran commanded her attention. “I didn’t leave her, Rox. I have been trapped in the past since we had you. I am your father and I am the King of the Hassen.”

Rox’s emotions quickly turned from anger to confusion. “But you are ‘Gran the Religious’ how could you and my mother start a family?”

“I was first called a general, I can leave my religion and fight against The Masters here so we can go back home.” Gran explained as though he knew all this were to happen.

Rox felt at ease knowing that her long lost Father was actually a king of sorts just like she imagined him to be. He was no father yet, but for now he is clearly an ally. “Are you a time traveler too? Like, Mother?”

“Oh, no. Shain was the one who found me. When I was King of the Hassen my reign was for 3 years. And my princess was my life.” Gran pulls out a necklace. Rox fixed her gaze to the hologram from the necklace. “You were such a cute baby.” Rox had seen the familiar video gram before. It was her first birthday and she had no idea what were to happen next. A young Gran comes into view and picks up baby Rox. She smiles and hugs him in bliss. And so Rox looked at her father, smiled, and hugged him with bliss.

One family member was not part of the reunion how ever. Queen Shain was embracing war. In the heart of the planets capital city there was a large gathering of Hassen people walking through the ‘Thought Market.’ The utopian planet had an entire park of not just religious, but entertainment, presentations, and performances as well. And then the utopian gathering was chaos. Shards of bright crystals lit the atmosphere like pieces of amber shining in the dark. The shards were actually monsters.

When they landed they created small craters which exploded with force. Peoples bodies were pushed aside as the first one landed. Panic and fear immediately charged the actions of the Hassen. People fled as the monsters emerged from their craters with fresh bodies on the floor at their hooves. They were not just simply monsters, they were minotaurs with scales instead of fur. Instead of bringing diplomacy they brought death.

The minotaurs ran through the market at high speed. Families were trampled and those who tried to fight had limbs torn off, spines broken, and faces were even eaten. One creature grabbed a young boy who had fallen. The boy cried and tried to run as his foot was crushed  at the hand of his captor. Suddenly the boy was swept up in the air and then immediately dropped. The pain of his crushed foot was too much and he sobbed and cried. Suddenly a needle pierced his leg and the pain immediately disappeared. The boy could see his queen. Queen Shain was fully outfitted in her favorite ‘dress’ called “War Ender.” The War Ender was Shain’s personal armor that allowed her to become the planets entire one woman militia. The minotaur that originally picked up the boy was already dead by the time the boy was dropped because Queen Shain had already placed her hand through the monsters head, lobotomizing him immediately. Then she administered first aid to the boy.

Shain proceeded through the cause. At roughly 40 miles per hour Shain ran through her subjects to weed out the invaders. War Bringer activated and grew two more arms for her to control with her mind implants. Shain had trained so much, new ligament technology was made for her use only. Two arms pulled the invaders from the victims and the other two swiftly executed the threat. Many jaws were broken as Shain crushed their skulls as she ran with their limp bodies, one after another.

After an hour of searching she knew all of them were dead. The counsel approached their leader. “Madam Shain, what does the prophecy say about this?”

“This is the prophesy. The Masters have attacked.” Shain stated. And under her breath as she surveyed the sky she whispered, “And I hope Rox and Gran come back home soon.”

Part 3

Rox did not know where to put the jewel. The Masters did not know where Rox or the jewel was. The Masters knew that it was only a matter of patience. Something which Rox has never defeated.

As she hid under the massive ship engine, docked in the hanger, light slowly shined in. It was not only morning, but the presence of The Masters opening the hanger doors. Their hooves echoed the chamber. As Rox stayed hidden the clopping was calm and rhythmic. It was also getting closer. She knew they were searching for her, the group sounded efficient.

A hoof landed in front of Rox’s face as she was prone under the engine. This was the test. Do I run? Do I kill? Do I move? And she answered all of the above.

Rox grabbed The Master’s hoof and crushed it like fine porcelain. The Master did not even flinch. As it’s grounding was removed it gained intelligence. A piercing screech emanated from the soldiers mouth as it immediately tried stabbing her hand with their silver trident. Rox moved her hand back as the blades came down. Like an electric eel her hand was as fast as lightning as she grabbed the trident’s neck. Pulling herself from under the engine was easy when The Master retracted the trident for another strike. Rox, now on her feet, was ready for the strike, but the unexpected happened.

The Master dropped the trident and grabbed Rox by the neck and slowly strangled her into the air. Grasping frantically Rox made cuts onto the clasped hands as her feet started to dangle. And so she was stabbed in her back by the first response to her demise. The pain and surprise were so foreign for Rox, her screaming only communicated anger. As she screamed her strength tripled and her neck was free as she destroyed the monsters hands. As she dropped she turned to the spear-man, kneeled, and shot the beast with electricity from her eyes. This was new. This was power. This was Rox’s first real fight. The target was charred and dropped. Rox then picked up a trident and threw it across the hangar directly into the skull of a Master. Three dead, three more to go as they surrounded her. And that is when Rox adapted her new power.

She electrocuted one of their weapons from a distance and proceeded to grab the tail of the lightning and turned it into a giant sword and sliced all three Masters with one swing. Their torsos were cleanly cut as they fell. The blood puddled into a pool as she panted with her new sword in hand. The cold blood started to soak into her pants as she realized her victory was hollow. She had finally transmuted the elements. A feat not ever her parents could do. Rox had success of a warrior, but failure as a tactician.

Rox started to sob for this was the first time she felt fear. The blood from her back dripped and mixed into the puddle at her feet. She dropped the sword splashing into the blood and covered her mouth and face as she cried.

Why did my mom send me here? Can I be as powerful as Dad? What does this new power mean?

And that’s when she gave up asking and slowly stated the most dangerous thing to herself, “I’m upset.”

Last time she was upset; Hassen was almost destroyed when she was an infant. Transmutation was only the beginning of the end for The Masters.

Part 4

“When we first met you were so wise. What happened to my favorite man?”

“Don’t try to be coy. You knew our futures couldn’t exist with each other,” Gran grinned. The human giant squinted and frowned his brow. “Oh, Asa don’t be ignorant!” Gran exploded as though he just caught someone stealing from him. “You exhausted your power years ago old friend. How could you expect Shain to ignore what you did to us. Why did you accept me, but not them?” “Because you are a God, Gran,” Asa stated as a fact. “You act like a Human Hassen and you are loved by the Munks and even The Masters. You even united humans to world peace. How could I not accept someone almost as powerful as I am?”

“Your ego is unmatched,” Gran reminded Asa.

“I met an ‘Ego’ once. Very 3 dimensional character.”

“Pompous fuck,” Gran spat out his feelings. And in retaliation to Grans perspective Asa swiftly picked Gran out of the mirror firmly holding him in his hand.

“I was hoping you would do this,” Gran whispered as he shot a beam of emerald from his eyes. Asa’s massive free hand enslaved the laser by covering Grans head. The light emanated from the cracks of Asa’s hands.

“Do you really believe this could kill me? I feel as though you are wasting my time again with these one liners. I tried to have a mutual conversation with you, but like a monkey all you want is your banana.” Asa was not wrong. Gran could never kill Asa in his current form.

The green light dimmed to darkness. Asa, like a chef checking their dish, uncovered Gran. Instead of the human, a cat was in his hand, meowing and whimpering as though ti’s lungs were punctured. This cat was dying in front of Asa in the palm of his hand. Asa could hear the cats heartbeat. It was slowing to a stop. The cat died with one final sigh of relief from life.

“…No… what is this fallacy of logic?” Asa shook his head.

“It’s called ‘being a God.’ Isn’t that what you said?” Gran appeared from the darkness of the Nega-Portal and approached from behind his target. Asa turned around, seeing eye to eye with the equally giant Gran. As Asa turned he dropped the cat into infinite blackness. Gran saw his chance. As the cat dropped it turned into a lion and clawed the side of Asa’s knee cap. The creator of the Nega-Portal swatted the lion off as Gran suckered punched the ‘greatest being in existence.’ Asa was blown away falling on the entrance and destroyed it with his own weight. Immediatly the dystopian city started to sprout from the ground and the sky started to glimmer with stars. They were back on Earth as the giants became as tall as men as the buildings to stopped growing. “I’m going home, Asa.”

Asa rose from the ground. His jaw was burning like embers. “Fire is your choice? Then mine is DEATH!” was screamed as Asa shot a super nova beam from his mouth. Gran accepted the hit and allowed it to past through his torso. He stood now with a fountain of blood as a body. For once Asa was concerned from Gran. “You don’t have the jewel?” Asa questioned. “Why? Do I need it?” Gran turned from the undead to a lycan lion and delivered a bit into Asa’s shielding for arm. “You swine!” Asa was screaming in anger.

Gran trained for this during his pilgrimage.

And yet Asa was able to reach past Gran’s lion form and swiftly pulled out his heart. Gran was dead. Asa was alone again. The Lion disappeared in the darkness.

“The only difference between mortals, Hassen, and I is this simple fact; I am a true God.”

Rox’s father disappeared again, for the last time.

Part 5

Rox didn’t know what the jewel was for. It glowed blue and suddenly started flashing red. Rox believed she activated it with her mind like her tech implants, but that wasn’t scientifically founded. Her father’s religion stated “Only the mind can be the key for the body.” After looking at it for three minuets the jewel went dark and then returned to it’s original blue.

Rox placed the jewel on her for-head and closed her eyes. The jewel stayed in place as it did for Gran so long ago. When Rox opened her eyes she saw infinite darkness and immediately took the jewel off. Rox was concerned over the jewel as The Masters were looking for her. She knew this stretch was worth it. Her father could not disturbed. Yet she was ready to go home as well.

She was ready to go home and move beyond this war she was fighting. PEACE and Home were a distant memory for the past 7 years. She had learned to an extent of lazy that she needed only her fingers to deal with her problems. Her powers peaked in the last year. She was no longer running, but she was still separated from Gran for three days. The jewel was another hallow victory. Hope and power was what the princess had. She remembered that she is just like her parents. Her families religion emanated from her core.

As she stared into the vast desert she wondered what to turn the pebbles into. First she made a little pebble golem that only said “Bah Bah Bah,” and then she made a ram. The pebble creatures satisfied her.

“My Queen.”

“I told you to stop calling me that!” Rox whined.

There was A Master kneeling behind her. A week ago Rox had converted A Master into an occultist for her new religion, but Rox did not know what she got herself into.

“Yes, my queen.”

“No, no! Bad Master! You. Stop.”


Rox rolled her eyes. She had learned that The Masters could talk, but they were very binary in speech with clear positives and negatives.

“Sometimes I wish you were dead so I didn’t have to listen to this,” Rox grumbled.

“I’m sorry, my queen.”

After a long and loud fake sigh Rox said, “Fine, go get yourself killed.” The Master immediately rose and ran into the city. The Master was under her complete control. Rox had more followers, but the incessant tweets were getting annoying from her subjects. She had sent others off before. All of them were killed in the end, but they always at least took out three other Masters before their deadly defeat. After 7 years Rox still didn’t “do teamwork.” This was the only thing she was snooty about. Night fall was approaching fast and before the sunset Rox thought of her mom.

“I love you mom,” was Rox’s “Goodnight.”

Pt. 6

Rox had a decision in front of her. Do I kill by pulling out the heart? A baby Master was in front of her. This whole time Rox believed that Asa had given life to these creatures. Rox left the hut with the baby safe inside. As she looked up in the sky a smoke of white shined in front of the sun. In front of the smoke; a four armed Hassan. He landed in front of her.

“Who are you little one?” The master asked a question to Rox. The warrior princess was stunned. Quickly, she responded to pull out of the flash bang of confusion.

“I am Rox. Daughter of Gran. Who are you?”

“My name is Zulfin. Have you killed my baby?”

“I did not such thing!” Rox was defensive.

“Good, now leave.” Zulfin walked into the hut.

“Wait!” Rox questioned. Zulfin paused and turned around. Rox took a step forward to talk with the token beast. Unfortunately before she could make the next step Zulfin had charged her and threw a punch. Fortunately Rox was long past being hit by any Master. She blocked the punch with her finger. “I apologize for not leaving,” Rox said through her gridded teeth. “I apologize for being aggressive,” Zulfin said sarcastically.

“Ha you sound like Gran,” Rox scuffed.

“No, I do not. He is dead,” Zulfin said out of instinct.

Rox was in shock. Eyes widened and caution was taken when Rox asked, “Then who killed him?”

“Who else, but Asa?”

Roxes anger overwhelmed her. She gridded her teeth even harder, “Were you there?”

“No, he was killed yesterday by Asa in the middle of the city after destroying Grans Nega-Portal.” Rox had heard the facts. “How could he, we were separated for only three days…”

Rox did not mourn. She saw him as an ally and a father, but he always treated her as an equal. Her father was collateral in this war. Like The Masters she focused on herself to gain strength.

“How can you talk?” She changed the subject.

Zulfin had never had a question given to him before that showed interest in him. “I am the last of Elite Masters. Asa decided to not use us as fodder because he made the four of us too smart,” Zulfin shared.

“So religion does not work on you?”

“Not your kind at least,” Zulfin chuckled.

Suddenly they heard the stampede.

The Munks, all of them were running and crying. They were so small not because of the distance to see them. The Munks all looked exactly the same. They had stumps for feat; lizard for a head; and the robes of Grans religion. Rox had not seen one in so long she forgot about their devotion to Gran before she met him. She jumped, leaving Zulfin behind and then the Munks were in front of her.

“MY QUEEN!” They all cried while immediately stopping in their tracks as soon as they saw her land. “ROX! ROX! ROX!” Was shouted as they all cheered for her. And she then realized the gift her father made for her so long ago…

Her present as royalty was an army.

“Madam Queen Rox,” one stepped forward, “What would you like?”

Their voice were raspy, yet adorable. Rox had a moment to accept her loss.

“I would like to cry,” Rox admitted.

All of the Munks immediately surrounded her and joined in silent prayer, a bit of sobbing, and lots of hugs. They were loyal because Gran knew Asa was abusing the power as a leader. And so Gran’s death became Hassan’s chance for life. Rox could now mourn for three days.

Pt. 7

Rox had Asa’s throat in her left hand. In her right was a palm. Her forehead shined red. “If only your father could see you now…” Asa whispered. Rox’s right hand rested under his rib cage. As she grabbed the base of the cage his flesh tore with her powerful grip. She separated his chest from his spine with a tearing motion. As her hand slowly pierced into his eye. His screams echoed. As her hands chopped and stapled his throat together. As she woke up from her dream.

She awoke with a dying scream inside her ear. The piercing screech flatlined and silence exploded into reality.

“Madam Queen Rox; what is your wish?” A Munk bowed inside Zulfin’s hut. Rox rose from her bed and looked down at Zulfin’s young. It layed still in slumber. “I am ready to attack,” Rox commanded. The Munks cheered!

As the sun set, the army arose. The Masters lined up 20 by 20. The Munks stampeded to the front and began the attack. A wave of gun toting, fanatic cheering, and rabid Munks flooded the outskirts of the city. Each Munk sang and screeched their prayers as their eyes whitened. This is why Rox killed so many of them; when they stampeded they multiplied. Out of the shadows of the dying sun more Munks arose. In the center of the city in a park was Asa. He could hear them coming from miles away.

“My children must be punished.” Asa pointed at a star and shot lava from his fingertips. A perfect stream of fire lit the sky and inflamed the first wave of Munks. They had just turned the corner and fire came crushing down on them. Asa started firing in every direction to enflame the park. The Munks had no pathway to reach Asa who stood amid the flame.

When the Munks had hit the outskirts of the city Rox was with Zulfin. Zulfin was posted to throw Rox to the middle of the city. Rox stood on two of Zulfin’s hands. “I see your safe return.” Zulfin gave his vote of confidence. Rox nodded. And at the peak of his throw Rox leaped, launching herself as though she was from a cannon. She pieced the skies with a smile.

Asa swept the battle field with his tactical eye. ‘I know your coming, Rox’ was repeated over and over. Then he heard a ring in his ear as Rox landed on his chest at mach 10. The force of her landing paralyzed the god for a moment, Rox opened a Nega-Portal below him. The very last place Asa expected her to take him. In reality there are rules even god’s abide by, but the Nega-Portal was a god’s home incarnate. Asa entered Rox’s realm. Had she trained enough to counter anything Asa could wield?

Asa felt the immediate power as he entered the realm. He transformed to a younger version of himself. His tone only lightened. “Rox do you know why I didn’t want the fight in here?” Asa calmed asked. Rox had already transmuted a knife of electricity and acid and pierced his throat. He bit his lower lip and punched her rib. She kicked him back and disengaged. They stood away from each other. In silence. It was time for a draw. Who ever drew second would be able to counter anything the other made. This was the power of the Nega-Portal being apart from space and time. “I didn’t want to fight in here because it’s the most boring way to defeat you. I have spent an eternity in here. You will have to make the first move. My patience is unparalleled.” “I’m ready for the test.” Rox calmly explained. Her eyes rested for a moment. Asa bowed.

Outside the portal the Munks retreated from the lava. Zulfin raised his child. The planet over decades withered. And over more time the galaxy changed.

Asa arose and met eye to eye with Rox. “I would like you to meet the rest of my army.” Rox snapped her fingers and The Masters warped in from her mind. “My Dear, you waste their potential!” Asa snapped his fingers and took every single mind of The Masters. Rox forfeited her hand. Rox opened the portal beneath their feet with a frown.

As they fell they looked like shards of bright crystals lit the atmosphere like pieces of amber shining in the dark. The shards were actually The Masters Asa stole from Rox.

When they landed they created small craters which exploded with force. Peoples bodies were pushed aside as the first one landed. Queen Shain started her attack.

Rox had returned to the present bringing Asa with her. “So this is when we are?! I will punish you by burning your home as well!” Asa dove into reality. Rox sighed with relief. She knew how greedy Asa was. She plummeted back home after Asa.

Asa landed at the end of Queen Shain’s attack. Her council stood behind her as Asa walked toward her. The council fled as she revved up War Ender. “Asa, I believe?” Shain smiled with insanity. Her prophicy rang true. Which meant the next moment was peace. Rox landed behind Asa. Asa grew two more arms beneath his to go toe to toe with Shain. All four of their hands met and grasped. Rox followed suit and went for Asa’s neck. Two more arms pierced from Asa’s back blocking her attack. Rox doubled down and transmuted the air between their hands into lava and started to burn Asa. Asa grow another head to face Rox and shouted electricity at Rox as Shain threw him away from her. Now a 6 armed two headed Asa God stood before them.

Shain and Rox were reunited to face off against GOD.

To be continued…